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It’s my day of birth!

Yay, today is my birthday! So far, it’s been pretty wonderful. I’ll update more tomorrow 🙂 Until then, how about a gift from ME to YOU for my birthday?!

Below are three, yes, THREE different workouts that are great for when you can’t make it to the gym, or maybe you’re on the beach somewhere and want to kick your own butt with something other than a run on the beach. Whatever the case may be, I guarantee that these will get your blood pumping! Enjoy! (See below for links to websites demonstrating the moves).

For your reference, see below for some links to webpages that demonstrate some of the lesser-known exercises!

Shoulder Taps


Lateral Jacks

Speed Skaters

Mountain Climbers

Jump Lunges

Plank to Pushup



Until then, I’m off to twirl around in my awesome new apron my coworker gave me from Anthropologie 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


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Mullet Toss

Day 2 has been just as relaxing and wonderful as Day 1 was here in Perdido Key. My day started with an intense treadmill workout that incorporated a few minutes of running and some fast paced sprints. It’s a great workout if, like me, running isn’t exactly your strong suit. Also, it eases you into the sprints, which is nice if maybe you aren’t really feeling a workout but forced yourself to the gym anyway 🙂


Not sure if it was the workout, the Florida humidity, or a combination of both, but DANG was I sweating towards the end of this!! It felt great. To be honest, I was never much of a workout-while-on-vacation kind of girl, but after my rude body fat awakening, I figured the LAST thing I want to do right now is make that 26.2% any higher. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I truly enjoy getting up and working out before a relaxing day at the beach. I feel like I accomplished something, and plus I am a MILLION times more confident in a bikini after burning some cals on the treadmill!

After my workout, I took a quick shower and whipped up the same delicious breakfast I had yesterday…but with cheesy eggs instead of regular 🙂 And, once again, I ate breakfast on our balcony watching the waves. Don’t make me leave!!


After breakfast, mom and I had 2 options to choose from on what to do today. Option A) repeat day 1 by relaxing on the beach and reading good books. Option B) partake in the 28th Annual Mullet Toss. Yup, you read that correctly. Apparently, my mother chose the weekend where people from all over Florida and Alabama come together at the Florida/Alabama state line and toss mullets (fish, not haircuts unfortunately) across. We were told by the friendly cashier at the local gas station that it’s the “largest beach party in the world,” which made me wonder if they’d ever seen South Padre during Spring Break. Yikes.

Any who, naturally we were gung-ho about Option B, until we started the drive over. The line of cars HAD to of been 2 miles long, and it was not moving. Sadly, we bid an all-too-early farewell to the 2012 Mullet Toss, and headed back to our peaceful, quiet beach for Option A. Can’t say I’m all that mad about it 🙂 I mean, heck, I got proposed to!


Haha not really, but how cute is that?!? And check out this pretty awesome seashell I found when I ventured out to sea:


It’s the little things 🙂

Oh, while we were toying with the idea of tossing mullets, my mom stumbled across this little gem of a snack for me at the gas station:


The bag was HUGE, and only 220 calories in the whole thing! Plus 4 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 28 grams of sugar yummy 🙂

I’m sad that this is our last day, but excited to get back to the hubs. I sure do miss him! Tomorrow I’ll share some more great vacation/beach/anytime workouts that I have up my sleeve.

Until then, have any of you ever heard of the Mullet Toss? Or does your hometown have an odd festival of it’s own?

Talk to you soon!

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“You missed a spot”

So far, a great day 1 here in Perdido Key! I love relaxing on the beach with a good book, listening to the ocean. It’s so, so relaxing.

I started my day with a quick, but effective, treadmill workout that I found on my favorite blog, Peanut Butter Fingers. It incorporates some incline walking with SUPER fast sprints, which left me red-faced and gasping for air! Here’s the workout as seen on Peanut Butter Fingers:



I was excited, can you tell? A side note: the treadmill I was on seemed a little ancient, and for that reason alone I didn’t go past 9 on the speed! I could just picture it going haywire and chucking me off. Also, does anyone else have a problem with the speed 4.5!? I sure do. It’s too slow to run, and too fast to walk!! But I sucked it up for today 🙂


After my intervals, I was famished. We are staying in a condo, which I totally prefer because you can buy food and whip up your own breakfasts/lunches/snacks whenever you want to! I got to work making a healthy, filling breakfast to replenish my body with both carbs AND protein. This is something else I’m learning about foods and eating more to lose more: it’s not only WHAT you eat, it’s also WHEN you eat it. Post workout snacks and meals are key in building muscle and fueling your body. With that being said, check out this awesome spread:


2 eggs scrambled, fresh strawberries, and a slice of whole wheat toast topped with a tablespoon of peanut butter and half of a banana (I ate the first half before my workout). Oh, and coffee 🙂 It was delicious, and even better on the balcony staring out at the ocean. Paradise.

After breakfast, my mom and I went on a 45 minute walk on the beach. It’s amazing how sand can turn an innocent walk into an intense calf/hamstring workout! Loved it.

The rest of my day looked a little like this:


Ahhhh. Now off to shower and get ready for a yummy dinner here in town! I’m fairly hungry, since lunch was pretty nonexistent. Mom and I opted to snack on pretzels and baked kettle chips in lieu of a big meal, which is nice when you’re spending the day in a bikini!

Also, my last thought for now: it’s never fun to hear the words “yikes Mel, looks like you missed a spot” when you come inside after a long day in the sun. I have some crazy awesome tan lines to even out tomorrow!

What are some of your favorite vacation workouts?

Talk to you soon!

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Eating on the road

So, as I mentioned before, road trips are my favorite. I love the open road, spending time with people I care about, and talking about anything and everything under the sun. Oh, and singing. Lots of singing.


But it can be stressful to eat healthy on the road. Endless fast food chains, convenience stores, and lack of readily available water (or bathrooms) can really cramp your style. Especially the water part…have you ever tried to drink the recommended amount of water while on the road?!? Talk about frequent pitstops!

I had little notice, but I was able to somewhat prepare for the trip with a few items from my pantry. One Nalgene bottle full of water, two protein bars, and a bag of (not the healthiest but surely the yummiest) trail mix. All the makings of good intentions, right?


Yum. Note the already eaten Luna bar in the background. Unfortunately, preparing didn’t stop THIS from happening:



And yes, it was delicious, thanks for asking 🙂

Honestly, the best part of a vacation is relaxing, and eating a honey butter biscuit for breakfast and drinking one of these bad boys for dinner is OKAY!


As I’m beginning to realize, calories aren’t exactly my enemy anymore. My body can handle much, much more than I’ve been feeding it, and one or two days of indulgence won’t do anything but maybe add a pound or two of water weight. Super simple to work off when you get home! Just make sure that your indulgences aren’t at every meal, and please please please make sure that it’s WORTH IT. For goodness sakes, try not to waste your time “indulging” in stuff that doesn’t even taste that good to begin with (we’ve all been there: hello office candy, movie popcorn, and stale Cheetos).

I also think it’s important to stay active while you’re on vacation, and this will help combat any bloating or extra calories you may incur on a trip. Get up 30-45 minutes earlier and go walk on the beach, or wander down to your hotels fitness center and see what they have to offer. Tomorrow I’ll be doing just that…I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted 🙂

Tell me, what are some ways that you all try to stay fit and healthy on vacation, while still enjoying yourself?

Talk you soon!


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Road trip

Surprise! Random road trip time! My mom (who recently quit her job) called me up yesterday and asked if I was up for trekking it from Texas to Florida for a long weekend! Of COURSE I said yes! Road trips are our thing, and I never turn down a trip to the beach.

10 hours and a few stops later, here we are 🙂 I’ll be posting later on about fun workout ideas for when you’re on vacation, and snacks that work best for road trips. Until then, I leave you with this…. 🙂


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After my body fat punched me in the face, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. No more trying to look good for anyone, not even my husband (love youuu), or trying to please society. I needed to do this for ME, this was MY health. So I called up a nutritionist and whined to her told her about my percentage and my desire to increase my muscle mass. She asked for me to send her a typical day of eating for me, so that she could get a feel for how I was currently fueling my body. Luckily, I’m a big fan of the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone, so I sent her a couple of days worth of meals/workouts to look over. If you have an iPhone, and you want to get better at tracking calories, protein intake, carbs, whatever, I highly suggest this app. It is a great way to keep a “food journal” of sorts.



As I anxiously awaited her response, I wondered what terrible news she was going to lay on me. Was I going to have to start eating bird food? Decrease my carb intake (gasp!)? Eat less fat? Less sweets? Less EVERYTHING? I already went through most days fairly hungry, thinking about my next meal…were things about to get even worse?


What she said to me was alarming….I wasn’t eating enough.

I was bringing in (at best) 1300 calories a day, sometimes even less, and on the days I did boot camp I was burning upwards of 500-600 calories a workout. Apparently, this sucks for my body and causes it to hold on to fat like there is no tomorrow. Plus, on weekends, I tended to overindulge, and my body was basically collecting fat like an old woman collects cats. Hence….my higher than average body fat.

“Eat more” she told me (multiple times). Excuse me?? Eat…more?? My whole life I thought I was supposed to eat less to lose weight. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, blah blah blah. Now I’m being told that entire way of thinking is wrong?


My calorie intake EVERY DAY needs to match my RMR at LEAST, which is, according to the dunk tank results, 1470. Most likely, I need to be around 1500-1600 calories a day, especially on days where I do intense boot camp sessions. I needed to increase my carb intake (I know, I know, I’m still processing that as well), increase my protein, and increase my healthy fats (yay avocados and PEANUT BUTTER!). Small meals, well balanced, every 3 hours. Basically, a non-stop festival of eating, all day every day.

To be honest, I am struggling with this. I never thought of myself as having a problem with food, but I’m realizing that food has had some sort of power over me, or a hold on me, for quite some time now. I’ve been letting it run the show. I’ve been afraid of it even. I’m close to terrified of eating that much, for fear of….I’m not sure exactly. But I’m going to do it, because obviously my way of dealing with my health is NOT working. So…bring on the food, my friends. Bring it on!

Anyone out there struggling with the concept of eating MORE to lose MORE, both mentally and physically? Any suggestions to get over the mental hump?

As always, thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!

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Skinny fat

So, as I mentioned before, I had a “health scare” of sorts on Sunday that I’m almost embarrassed to share. Luckily, my blog is still super new, so I’ll just pretend no one will read this 🙂

One of my favorite forms of exercise is a boot camp that is put on here in town called Camp Gladiator. I stumbled upon it last summer when looking for ways to get into shape for my wedding. I am NOT a do-it-yourself kind of exerciser…I have close to zero motivation to work out at home on my own. I have to be around people, either in a class or at a gym, in order to really get in a good workout. So, boot camp seemed like a great way to force myself to work harder.

Oh boy, was I right.

It’s held outdoors, the trainers are motivating without being too militant, and there are tons of people there to keep you going.

Anywho, I’ve been doing this camp for roughly 10 months now. I feel better and stronger than I’ve ever felt, but I know that I’m still nowhere near my fitness potential. I still get lazy, skip workouts, and overeat on the weekends. I KNOW this, but it all came to head on Sunday. My boot camp is implementing a “nutrition challenge” of sorts this month to help us get ready for summer. It includes both a nutrition plan AND a chance to get your body fat tested both at the beginning and the end of the challenge. We tested our body fat through Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing, which is basically dunking yourself underwater and having a scale measure your fat vs muscle (read more about it here).

I went in on Sunday in a great mood. Honestly, I don’t mind the way I look. Sure, my thighs are a LITTLE bigger than I’d like, and sometimes my tummy can roll more times than I’m comfortable with. But still, for being (almost) 26, I’m better off than a lot of people I know…(insert awkward self-portrait here…)


I dunked, I dunked again, and I dunked AGAIN. Having to expel every spec of air from your lungs three times in a row is quite possibly the worst feeling EVER. Or so I thought, until I got the results 😦

Turns out, I’m not as fit as I thought I was. I have 26.2% body fat, which falls into the “unhealthy” range. Ahhh! I was mortified. The guy conducting the test told me all about “skinny fat,” and how he’s seen it time and time again. Girls with low to average body weight, with “soft” features as opposed to hard, muscular ones. Apparently, this was me. In order to get down to a healthy body fat range, I need to either LOSE 10 lbs of fat, GAIN 10 lbs of muscle, or do some happy combo of both. Talk about a slap in the face.

I walked out of there, shaking and red-faced. Part of me subconsciously knew that this would happen, and the other part of me was blindsided. It’s one thing to like the way you look, but it’s FAR more important to be healthy. The thought of my body being categorized as “unhealthy” in any way was terrifying.

Have any of you ever had a rude awakening in terms of health/body fat/etc? How did you handle it?

I’ll get into my plan of action on the next post. For now, I must work.

Talk to you soon! And thanks for listening 🙂


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Where did the weekend go?

Yikes, this weekend went by SO fast! It felt like it lasted maybe 5 hours. Total. Quick weekend recap:

Friday night, the husband and I went out with my mama to celebrate her getting a new job! This is big news people. My mom has finally realized that having a miserable job that pays extremely well IS NOT WORTH IT. She bit the bullet, took a paycut, and will now have a LIFE! So important, people! Ok, off my soapbox now…

Saturday, we volunteered with Preston’s company to work the March of Dimes event here in town. We were in the “Family Tent,” where we passed out over 1,200 boxed lunches to the families who were walking for the cause. We had such a great time. I love to volunteer, and I wish I did it more. It was such an eye-opening experience to see so many families with t-shirts saying “Born 1 lb, 8 oz” or some other astonishing number, and their baby was alive and well and laughing! It was also hard to see the shirts “In Memory Of…”. I can only imagine how hard that must be to go through, but the fact that they were out there walking and supporting and raising money to help other premature babies was amazing. Definitely a great morning to be apart of!

We spent the rest of the weekend with my in-laws, just hanging out and eating good food. His sister was also there, which was nice because she’s pregnant and this may be the last time we see her that way! I am SO excited to be an aunt, I can’t wait to meet Georgia and spoil her rotten!!

I had an eye-opening fitness experience this weekend as well, but I’ll get to that later. Still trying to process it. Intrigued?

What was the best part of your weekend?

Talk to you soon!


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Happy Friday!

Hooray, it’s Friday! Finally.

(Cue Rebecca Black……

I love Friday’s. And this is mainly due to my current job. I love where I work. Although it may not be the most exciting job out there, the people are great and the perks are substantial. Besides the typical (yet outstanding) retirement, health, and insurance benefits we get, we also have the luxury of getting EVERY OTHER FRIDAY off. Yes, it’s true. An extra 26 vacation days a year…on top of the 17 we get already. It’s insane. I remember thinking it was some sort of trick when I was interviewing for the position….but no. It’s real.

Lucky for me, thanks to Good Friday happening when it did this year, I was blessed with THREE Friday’s off in a row. It was magical. So you can imagine how hard it is for me to work a 5 day week this week! (My hardworking husband literally gets angry with me everytime I mention this, but hopefully you readers will understand….right?)

Ok, ok. Enough of me being a brat 🙂

I really do love Friday’s, despite my company perks, as I’m sure you all do. I started mine off with a pretty bangin’ breakfast.

I scrambled 1 egg with 1/2 cup egg whites and topped with just a pinch of cheese. I also cooked up some rolled oats, added a TBS of yummy apple butter, and topped that off with slivered almonds.

Yum! This is one my go-to breakfasts I usually have in the mornings that will fill me up for a majority of the morning. Naturally, I forgot to add the chia seeds I talked about in the last post – typical. It was early. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember to give them a shot. Tonight I’m hoping the husband takes me somewhere on a date that includes margaritas. Fingers crossed!

Any fun weekend plans for you guys?

Talk to you soon! -Mel

Quinoa and other newfound foods…

I am what you might call a dreamer. Just ask the husband, because it drives Mr. Practical CRAZY! I dream in all aspects of my life…I dream of vacations, of living somewhere new and exciting, of fun new jobs (despite loving the one I have, but hey, that’s the crutch of being a dreamer!). I even dream of being a better version of myself…of being SUPER in shape, Jamie Eason-style, or of being an amazing cook like The Pioneer Woman (love her!).

Lately, I have had some high hopes of cooking these elaborate, complicated meals full of exotic ingredients, showering in the praises from my husband and friends.

Yeah, right.

I have, however, started to branch out on ingredients. Recently I fell in love with quinoa (I know, I know, I’m a little behind the curve here). I love the texture of quinoa, and the added protein is definitely a plus! Check out my yummy lunch I had today featuring said quinoa:


1/2 cup of quinoa (cooked in chicken broth), 4 oz of grilled chicken, and a cup or so of sauteed veggies! Deeeelish, and not to mention VERY filling.

I also bought some chia seeds at Whole Foods today. I keep seeing them all over blogs/magazines/etc, so I thought I’d give them a shot. I am a huge fan of Peanut Butter Fingers, and she uses chia seeds in all kinds of different recipes. Maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

What are some other “new” foods out there that I should try?

Talk to you soon!



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