Hello, world!

I’ve decided to join the masses and start my own blog!  I recently got married, and have struggled with finding a balance between being a good wife and simply taking care of ME. Eating right and working out are two things that I am (trying to be more) passionate about, so hopefully this blog will not only help out, but also be an outlet to meet others who are just like me!

I was reading some articles online, and stumbled across this little gem, which told me that it’s common for newlyweds to gain up to 10 pounds after getting hitched!  Yikes. I hope you’ll walk with me through this crazy adventure called marriage, as I try to successfully balance healthy eating (squash), healthy living (squats), and maintaining a healthy relationship with the hubs.

Hope you like! Talk to you soon.

(Isn’t she lovely?) 🙂


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