It’s like riding a bike…

Growing up, I was your typical neighborhood kid.  I had a “posse” that I hung out with that was made up of kids from up and down the block, and we would ride our bikes NONSTOP in the summertime. I can still remember crawling into bed and having the best sleep of my life, my body exhausted from hours upon hours of zipping around the ‘hood.

Somewhere between age 12 and 25, I gave up the bike in favor of other modes of transportation.  The time that passed stretched out longer and longer, and I’m embarrassed to admit that a sort of fear of riding a bike emerged.  A few times in college I tried mounting my roommates bike in hopes that the phrase “it’s like riding a bike!” would hold SOME truth and I would soon be zipping around my rather large college campus in no time.


I could not balance worth a dime!!!

It was mortifying…the teasing was endless…but eventually it became apart of who I was. “Oh Melissa? The girl who can’t ride a bike?” And I was okay with that…until recently.  Bike riding is just such a great way to get a workout in, outside, that’s something other than my typical walk/run on the trail. So recently I enlisted my patient, thoughtful hubby to help re-teach me how to ride this two-wheeled beast.  And teach me he did. I’m proud to say that I have conquered my fears.  Riding a bike is a skill that is slowly but surely coming back to me. I am still not able to do the following things while riding my bike: stand up, scratch my nose, drink my water, or let go of the handlebars whatsoever. I’m also unable to stay in a straight line if I decide to look in a direction other than dead ahead. But hey, it’s progress!

Recently I’ve been able to talk the hubby into taking the bikes out to our local lake and riding the 10 mile loop around. I push him to go, he pushes me to go FAST. It takes about 45 minutes, and once I’m done picking the bugs out of my hair and teeth (let’s be real), I am feeling pretty good. I have fallen in love with bike riding again.

So, the moral of the story is…many things. 1) Not everything is as easy as riding a bike, because it’s NOT easy. 2) Don’t not do something because you suck at it the first 120 times you try it. And 3) Do not laugh/smile/open your mouth whatsoever while riding bikes around a lake at dusk.

Talk to you soon!


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