Happy Friday!

Hooray, it’s Friday! Finally.

(Cue Rebecca Black……..now).

I love Friday’s. And this is mainly due to my current job. I love where I work. Although it may not be the most exciting job out there, the people are great and the perks are substantial. Besides the typical (yet outstanding) retirement, health, and insurance benefits we get, we also have the luxury of getting EVERY OTHER FRIDAY off. Yes, it’s true. An extra 26 vacation days a year…on top of the 17 we get already. It’s insane. I remember thinking it was some sort of trick when I was interviewing for the position….but no. It’s real.

Lucky for me, thanks to Good Friday happening when it did this year, I was blessed with THREE Friday’s off in a row. It was magical. So you can imagine how hard it is for me to work a 5 day week this week! (My hardworking husband literally gets angry with me everytime I mention this, but hopefully you readers will understand….right?)

Ok, ok. Enough of me being a brat 🙂

I really do love Friday’s, despite my company perks, as I’m sure you all do. I started mine off with a pretty bangin’ breakfast.

I scrambled 1 egg with 1/2 cup egg whites and topped with just a pinch of cheese. I also cooked up some rolled oats, added a TBS of yummy apple butter, and topped that off with slivered almonds.

Yum! This is one my go-to breakfasts I usually have in the mornings that will fill me up for a majority of the morning. Naturally, I forgot to add the chia seeds I talked about in the last post – typical. It was early. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember to give them a shot. Tonight I’m hoping the husband takes me somewhere on a date that includes margaritas. Fingers crossed!

Any fun weekend plans for you guys?

Talk to you soon! -Mel


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